About the Lab

MedLab was founded in 1987 by the late Professor Doctor Abdelwahed Bosseila, former head of the Histology Department and dean of Faculty of Medicine, Al Azhar University, and Professor Doctor Magdy Elekiaby, the current head of Shabrawishi Blood Bank. Through the years MedLab has been able to maintain a renowned and quality service in all different fields of laboratory medicine. A service that is provided by professional, dedicated and experienced team of doctors, scientists, quality control and managerial personnel.

Management Team

Dr. Magdy Elekiaby

Dr. Magdy Elekiaby earned his MB.Bch in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in 1978. He then held his Masters Degree in Clinical Pathology in 1982 from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. In 1991 he earned his MD in Clinical Pathology from the Faculty of Medicine, Al Azhar University.

Dr. Magdy has held many positions, nationally and internationally, throughout his rewarding career. Between 1980 and 1982, he was a registrar in Blood Transfusion & Haematology in the Maadi Military Hospital. In 1983, Dr. Magdy Elekiaby, with the help and support of the late Professor Doctor Mohamed El Shabrawishi, founded the Shabrawishy Blood Bank and Transfusion Center, one of the most renowned blood banks in Egypt, and has been the head of the blood bank since that date.

Dr. Magdy has also been a member of the National Board of Blood Transfusion, Ministry of Health & Population since 1986. Between 1998 and 2000, he was the Consultant of Transfusion Medicine in Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

Dr. Magdy has been a member of the scientific committee of the Egyptian Board for Blood Transfusion since 2006, and a member of the scientific board of American Society of Clinical Pathology Educational Courses, American University in Cairo since 2010.

Dr. Magdy has been the Chief Executive Officer of The Egyptian Company for Biological Sciences (ECBS) since 2006.  He is also a board member of Viral Inactivated Plasma Products (VIPS) Company, SA Switzerland, a position he holds since 2006.

Dr. George Gorgy

Dr. George S Gorgy, holds an MD in Clinical and Chemical Pathology, that he earned from Cairo University in 2009. Dr. George had his Medical Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in1992 and his Master Degree in Clinical and Chemical Pathology in 1997 from Ain Shams University.

Dr. George has been working in MedLab Medical Laboratories since 2000, and has great experiences in implementing quality standards in work. He is an expert in blood coagulation disorders and immuno-hematology and has worked in Dar Al-Fouad hospital for 2 years till 2000.

Dr. George got his Diploma in International Business Administration in 2011 from ESCLA School of Business in Cairo. He is also a certified auditor of ISO standards 9001-2008 and ISO Standards 14001-2004 and 18001-2007 auditor.

Dr. George is a member of The Egyptian Society of Hematology and Research since 2006, is IRCA certified (International register of certified auditor) since 2007, member of American Association of Blood Banking society AABB since 2009 and is also a member of Egyptian Hemophilia Society.

Dr. Ahmed Elekiaby

Dr. Ahmed Elekiaby earned his Bachelors Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2007 from the Faculty of Medicine- 6th of October University. He earned his Master’s Degree in Clinical Pathology from Suez Canal University.

He is an Assistant Researcher in the Fetal Medicine & Prenatal Diagnosis Department – Genetics Division – of the National Research Center in Cairo.

Dr. Ahmed is a board member of the Egyptian Society of Hemophilia and also a member of the World Federation of Hemophilia. He is in charge of the Hemophilia Children Prophylactic Treatment Program in the Shabrawishi Hemophilia Treatment Center.

Dr. Ahmed has been part of MedLab’s management team since 2012.